At Lux Aesthetics, our medical practitioners create a personal treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs.

The type of product and the number of syringes to be confirmed during your consultation.

Receive an EXTRA 10% OFF, when receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home or designated location. Terms and conditions apply.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections


1 Area of Botox® £169

2 Areas of Botox® £179

3 Areas of Botox® £229

Note: Treatments are on a ‘per area’ basis, with each area comprising either forehead lines, or frown lines, or crow’s feet.

Lip Enhancement


Belotero Soft (1ml) £150

Belotero Balance (1ml) £155

Belotero Intense (1ml) £160


Juvederm Ultra Smile (0.55ml) £150

Juvederm Volbella (1ml) £240

Juvederm Volift (1ml) £250


Restylane (0.5ml) £150

Restylane (1ml) £170

Dermal Fillers


Nasolabial Lines

(Nose to mouth lines)

 Belotero Filler (1ml)£160 

Juvederm Filler (1ml)£250 


Marionette Lines

(Mouth to chin lines)

 Belotero Filler (1ml)£160 

Juvederm Filler (1ml)£250 


Cheek Enhancement 


Beletero Filler (1ml)£220 

Juvederm Filler (1ml)£260